C# Code Actions

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Assign Constructor Argument To Member

Premium Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.csharp.assign_constructor_argument_to_member

When a constructor argument matches a member that isn't assigned by the constructor, this code action will generate an expression that assigns the argument to the member.


Annotate With Attribute Usage

Premium Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.csharp.annotate_with_attribute_usage

Adds an AttributeUsage annotation to a class that derives directly or indirectly from System.Attribute.

Configurable Properties

Name Type Defaults To Description
DefaultAttributeUsage System.AttributeTargets Class When creating the attribute usage annotation, what is the default target this attribute should be used on?


Make Class Inherit From System.Attribute

Premium Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.csharp.make_class_inherit_from_attribute

When a class declaration ends with Attribute (EG: MyCoolAttribute) and does not derive from any class, this code action will make the class inherit from System.Attribute.