Xamarin.Forms C# Code Actions

Autogenerated by MFractor v3.7.3

Create Bindable Property

Professional Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.forms.insert_bindable_property

Need to create a bindable property for a Xamarin.Forms control? Use the Create Bindable Property refactoring to quickly create the necessary code!

When inside a Visual Element, this code action generates a new bindable property declaration.


Generate Custom Renderers

Professional Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.forms.generate_custom_renderers

Use the Generate Custom Renderers refactoring to create custom renderers for a C# control in all mobile projects in your solution.

Generates a platform specific custom renderer for a control. This code action will resolve the correct control baseclass on each platform and then create a custom render in each iOS or Android project.


Insert ViewModel Command

Professional Only

Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_actions.forms.insert_view_model_command

When inside a ViewModel, use the Insert ViewModel Command refactoring to create a new property that returns an ICommand.

When inside a View Model, this code action generates a new command implementation.