The Localisation Wizard

Using the localisation wizard to quickly and easily migrate string literals into application resources for localisation


  • Why localise?
  • Why use the


Using the localisation wizard to extract C# strings into resource files

  • Opening the localisation wizard in C#.


Using the localisation wizard to extract XAML strings into resource files

  • Follows Xamarins recommended approach
  • Need TranslateExtension (can customise this)
  • Need a ResX file.
  • Open through the code actions menus.
  • Pick the resource file that MFractor should write the ResX entry into (MFractor will default to the first it finds)
  • Optionally choose the resource file
  • Enter a resource key
  • Optionally enter a resource description
  • Enter to submit the localisation key and continue
  • If a match


  • Targetting a default file. -