About MFractor Premium

Everything you need to know about the free and paid version of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

Free VS Premium

MFractor comes in both a free and a paid/premium version.

The free version contains most features that are included in MFractor Premium; as a Xamarin developer you will find the free version will still help out your day-to-day Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms development a heck of a lot!

If you would like C# code refactoring support, mobile-specific code diagnostics or wish to tweak the code that MFractor creates then you will need to pay for a MFractor Premium license.

Feature Map

Feature Included In Free Included In Paid
Configuration Support XXX
MFracor Code Annotations XXX
Xamarin.Forms Features
Xaml Analysis XXX XXX
Navigation Tools XXX XXX
Xaml Refactoring XXX XXX
Xaml To C# Code Generation XXX XXX
Xamarin.Forms C# Code Diagnostics XXX
Xamarin.Android Features XXX XXX
Android Resource IntelliSense XXX XXX
Android Resource Navigation Suite XXX XXX
Android C# Code Diagnostics XXX
C# Features
C# Code Actions XXX

Purchase An MFractor Premium License

RRP: $199AUD per user per year

Premium licenses:

  • Are issued against a single developer.
  • Can be used on up to 3 separate machines for a single developer.
  • Expired 366 days after being issued.
  • Include 1 year of maintenance for premium features.
  • Include priority for feature requests and bug fixes.

To enquire about purchasing an MFractor Premium license, please email hello@mfractor.com.

Renewing A Premium License

When your license is about to expire, you can purchase a new license by contacting me at hello@mfractor.com. I will issue a new license for 366 + the period until your current license expires.

Refund Policy

Each purchase of MFractor comes with a 30 day refund period; If you would like a refund, email hello@mfractor.com requesting a refund and the account details to transfer to. I will refund the full amount minus a $30AUD processing fee.

Terms Of Use

  1. Each individual developer must have their own MFractor Premium license.
  2. An individual developer can activate MFractor Premium on up-to 3 separate machines.
  3. MFractor Premium licenses expire after 366 days.
  4. If an MFractor Premium license is not renewed, MFractor will automatically downgrade to the free license tier.