About MFractor Professional

Everything you need to know about the Lite and Professional version of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

MFractor Lite VS MFractor Professional

MFractor comes in both a free (lite) and a paid (Professional) version.

The free version contains most features that are included in MFractor Professional; as a Xamarin developer you will find the free version will still help out your day-to-day Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms development a heck of a lot!

If you would like C# code refactoring support, mobile-specific code diagnostics or wish to tweak the code that MFractor creates then you will need to pay for a MFractor Professional license.

Feature Map

Feature Lite Professional
Xamarin.Forms Limited Full
Xamarin.Android Limited Full
C# Full
Customisation Full
Support Slack, Twitter Slack, Twitter, Direct Email, Priority Bug Fixes

Purchase An MFractor Professional License

RRP: $299AUD per user per year

Professional licenses:

  • Are issued against a single developer.
  • Can be used on up to 3 separate machines for a single developer.
  • Expired 366 days after being issued.
  • Include 1 year of maintenance for Professional features.
  • Include priority for feature requests and bug fixes.

To enquire about purchasing an MFractor Professional license, please email hello@mfractor.com.

Renewing A Professional License

When your license is about to expire, you can purchase a new license by contacting me at hello@mfractor.com. I will issue a new license for 366 + the period until your current license expires.

Refund Policy

Each purchase of MFractor comes with a 30 day refund period; If you would like a refund, email hello@mfractor.com requesting a refund and the account details to transfer to. I will refund the full amount minus a $30AUD processing fee.

Terms Of Use

  1. Each individual developer must have their own MFractor Professional license.
  2. An individual developer can activate MFractor Professional on up-to 3 separate machines.
  3. MFractor Professional licenses expire after 366 days.
  4. If an MFractor Professional license is not renewed, MFractor will automatically downgrade to the free license tier.