Release Notes - v3.1.0


Download MFractor 3.1.0


This is a summary of the changes introduced in v3.1.0 of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac.

This release of MFractor adds a new on-boarding window to make it as easy as possible to learn to use MFractor. We've also added a suite of new premium features for C# and Android, a heap of bug fixes and a few handy XAML refactorings.

Lastly, we are slowly working through the documentation and adding a comprehensive explanation for each MFractor feature.


  • Onboarding Window: When MFractor is first installed, after activation, we now have an activation window to teach you the fundamentals of MFractor.
  • XAML Code Actions
    • Quickly migrate to the new OnPlatform methodology with the Migrate OnPlatform Usage code action.
    • Generate a new view from an unknown XAML node as a XAML view and code behind class.

Premium Features


  • Added a Feedback menu into the Help -> MFractor menu. Use this menu to file bug reports and feature requests.
  • The Generate Property Into Class now infers the type of the new property based on the attributes value. This behaviour can be disabled through the configuration engine.
  • Issues that detect redundant XAML now gray out that code section.
  • Issues that detect code improvements now underline that code segment.
  • Significantly improved analysis times for XAML documents.
  • Improved and reduced memory consumption across the entire product.
  • The following code analysers have been removed:
    • Detect when an abstract class was used in XAML. This caused false errors.
    • Detect when the root XAML node has an x:Name declaration; it's likely the developer wants to reference

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Often the XAML analyser would fail to remove code-issue markers.
  • Fixed: Custom markup extension symbols would not be detected and would cause the unused XAML namespace analyser to trigger.
  • Fixed: The Android resource tooltips would not render over C# resource usages. EG: Resource.Layout.myLayout.
  • Fixed: Image tooltips now work in shared proejcts.
  • Fixed: Image tooltips now work when the image source is referring to a nested image under a folder. EG: "Icons/logo.png" inside the iOS Resources folder.
  • Fixed: Using the ListView CachingStrategy property in XAML no longer generates an unknown property warning./
  • Fixed: Multiple potential null access that would cause the XAML analyser to fail.