Release Notes - v3.2.0

August 10th 2017


This is a summary of the changes introduced in v3.2.0 of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac.

This release focuses on adding killer tools for working with images. We've added an import image wizard to make it dead-simple to bring images into your Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms apps. You can access the image wizard through the Tools main menu and then selecting Import Image Wizard.

Using MFractors Image Wizard

The licensing tiers are being changed in the 3.2 release; all code analysis tooling is now part of the Lite tier and all code actions and code fixes have been moved into the Professional tier.

Lite Features

  • Grid Analysis Support:
    • Check that value used in Grid.RowSpan usages don't extend beyond the amount of rows declared by the grid.
    • Check that value used in Grid.ColumnSpan usages don't extend beyond the amount of columns declared by the grid.
    • Check that value used in Grid.Row usages doesn't access a row outside the the amount of rows declared by the grid.
    • Check that value used in Grid.Column usages doesn't access a column outside the the amount of column declared by the grid.
  • Font Analysis Support:
    • Inspect the value provided to FontSize attributes and validate that the named size provided is valid.
  • ScrollView Analysis Support:
    • Checks that a single child has been provided to the ScrollView; it is a common mistake to declare multiple direct children instead of encapsulating them with with a container like a StackLayout or Grid.

Professional Features

  • Use the new Import Image Wizard to import Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms images into your app painlessly. See Working With Images


  • The C# code diagnostic that inspected usages of ExportRendererAttribute has been disabled. It was causing false warnings and added no tangible benefit.
  • Significantly reduced XAML analysis time through aggressive caching strategies in each analysis pass. This slightly increases MFractors memory overhead.
  • Increased branding presence throughout the product so that it's clearer when MFractor is providing functionality instead of VS Mac.
  • A rebuild class generator will now generate all base class constructors and abstract methods of a base class. The class generator is heavily in use by the view model generator.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When a folder path is used in a config file for a new code file, MFractor will now create that folder when it's missing instead of silently failing.
  • Fixed: When generating a view model from a base class, the view model generator will check for bindings that reference a property in the base class and not generate them.