Installation And Setup

Installing, activating and updating MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

Install MFractor

To install MFractor, start Visual Studio for Mac.

Next, navigate to the top left Visual Studio Menu and select Extensions.

Next, click on the Gallery tab and under IDE Extensions choose MFractor.

Activating MFractor

When you first install MFractor, the activation dialog will open shortly after installation.

In the activation dialog, enter your email and name and then click Activate.

activation dialog

Importing A Professional License

Download and locate your license file (which ends with the extension .lic). When purchasing MFractor Professional, this license file will be provided in an email. In this example, our license file is located on our desktop called license.lic.

MFractor license file

Open Visual Studio for Mac. If you have not activated MFractor with an email address, close the activation window.

Close Activation Dialog

In the main Visual Studio for Mac menu bar, select MFractor and then Licensing. This will open the licensing window where you can import or remove an MFractor Professional license.

Next, click on the Import License button, browse to the license file (license.lic) and double click it to import the license into MFractor.

Importing an MFractor Professional license file

It is safe to delete the license file from its original location. MFractor stores the license inside itself.

MFractor Professional License Information

The licensing window will list:

  • Licensed To - The full name of the person that the MFractor Professional license is issued to.
  • License Email: - The email that this MFractor Professional license is issued against.
  • License Type and Expiry Date - The type of license issued (Professional, Trial or Lite) and when that license expires.

Deactivating Your Professional License

If you'd like to remove a license from MFractor, you can open the MFractor license information window and click Remove License.

IMPORTANT: This is a destructive operation, you cannot undo removing a license but you can re-import a new license.

After removing a license, you will be automatically downgraded to a free MFractor license. This allows usage of most features apart from C# code actions, mobile-specific C# code diagnostics, and configuration file support.

Updating MFractor

MFractor will periodically notify you when an update is available.

You can also check for updates at any time by opening the Visual Studio Mac main menu and selecting Check for Updates...

update mfractor

Visual Studio Mac will check the MFractor extension server for updates and prompt you to update if there is a new version!

Uninstalling MFractor

You can uninstall MFractor through the Extension Manager at any time.

Select the Visual Studio Mac main menu and then Addins

Under Gallery then IDE extensions select the MFractor extension list item and then click Uninstall

You will be prompted to uninstall the extension, confirm uninstallation by clicking Uninstall

uninstall mfractor