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Feature Matrix

An overview of all features provided by MFractor

Last Updated: Tuesday 21th of December 2021

This feature matrix presents all the features provided by MFractor.

All features are available in MFractor for Visual Studio for Mac. The third column shows the features available to the Windows version.

MFractor currently provides 252 features. We have currently documented 62% of the product features.

Asset Management

Image Management

Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Import Image Assets
Manage Image Assets
Delete Image Tool
Optimise Image Tools
Image Tooltips
Mobile.BuildTools Support
ResizetizerNT Support
App Icon Importer

Font Management

Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Import Font
Generate Font Glyph Code Class
Font Glyph Tooltips
Font Glyph IntelliSense
Font Viewer
Font Text Preview Tooltips
Embedded Font Tooltip



Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Localization Wizard
MVVM Wizard
Value Converter Wizard

Code Actions

Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Exclude Symbol from Linker
Create Bindable Property
Create Attached Property
Generate Custom Renderers
Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Go To View Model
Go To Code Behind
Go To Xaml View
Go To Xaml Symbol
Find Custom Renderers
Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Xamarin.Forms Automation Identifiers Search
Xamarin.Forms Static Resources Search
Xamarin.Forms Dynamic Resources Search


Code Actions

Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Generate Interface Implementation
Simplify Qualified Types
Locate in Solution Explorer
Convert to Interpolated String
Create constructor to initialize all readonly members
Create Lazy Accessor
Select String Span
Align Namespace To Folder Path
Copy Var Type To Clipboard
Simplify Qualified Type
Simplify All Qualified Types
Invert Event Handler Assignment
Convert To Is Null


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Create Class From Clipboard


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
C# Class Scaffolder
C# Contextual Base Class Scaffolder
Interface Scaffolder
Attribute Scaffolder
EventArgs Scaffolder


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
DateTime Format Preview Tooltips

Xaml Editor

Code Actions

Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Extract XAML Style
Extract Custom Control
Convert StackLayout to Grid
Add Resource Dictionary
Generate New Value Converter for Type Flow
Encapsulate Content Page Children With StackLayout
Encapsulate Content Page Children With Grid
Encapsulate Content View Children With StackLayout
Encapsulate Content View Children With Grid
Correct Member Name
Create Missing Property For Class
Fixs Malformed Color Using Color Editor
Replace Color Value With StaticResource
Replace Hexadecimal Value With Named Color
Generate Event Handler
Correct Name To Matching Callback
Remove Redundant Grid Properties
Autocorrect Invalid FontSize
Correct Property Binding Name
Import Value Converter For Binding Type Flow
Correct Image Resource name
Import Missing Image Resource
Encapsulate Scroll View Children With Grid
Encapsulate Scroll View Children With StackLayout
Correct Static Resource Name
Apply Available Style
Remove Redundant Style Property Initialisation
Replace Style Setter Property With Autocorrection
Add Missing Target Type Attribute
Replace Thickness Value With Static Resource
Simplify Thickness Value
Add Trigger Target Type
Fix Trigger Target Type
Import Namespace And Assembly For Unresolved XAML Node
Replace Node With Auto-Correction
Rename Duplicate Namespace References
Move Grid Properties To Parent Element
Create Missing Style
Consolidate Thicknesses
Escape Newline Characters
Auto-Correct Embedded Font Reference
Move Property To Parent Element
Migrate Icon To IconImageSource
Insert Grid Row
Insert Grid Column
Delete Grid Row
Delete Grid Column
View All Duplicate Thickness Usages
Convert Grid Row/Columns To Attribute Format
Convert Grid Row/Columns To Node Format
Add Transparency Channel To Color
Convert Named Color To Hex
Edit Color Using Color Editor
Set Font Build Action To Embedded Resource


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Duplicate AutomationIds
Empty AutomationId Declaration
x:Name Has Invalid Characters
Duplicate Code Behind Field Declarations
Empty Code Behind Field Declaration
ContentPage Has Multiple Direct Children
ContentView Has Multiple Direct Children
Class Does Not Have Attached Property
Empty Value Assignment
Empty Event Handler Assignment
Verify Event Handler Exists In Code Behind Class
Event Handler Signature Mismatch
Verify Referenced Code Behind Field Exists
Value Converter Input Type Mismatch
Value Converter Output Type Mismatch
Unresolved .NET Symbols Within Xaml Expression
Unresolved Namespace Within Xaml Expression
Invalid Named Font Size
Generic Usage Is Missing x:TypeArguments
x:TypeArguments Used On Non-Generic Class
Unknown Type Provided To Generic
Column Is Outside Grid Boundaries
ColumnSpan Is Outside Grid Boundaries
ColumnSpan Is Zero
Grid.Column Usage Is Redundant
Grid.ColumnSpan Usage Is Redundant
Grid.Row Usage Is Redundant
Grid.RowSpan Usage Is Redundant
Row Is Outside Grid Boundaries
RowSpan Is Outside Grid Boundaries
RowSpan Is Zero
Obsolete Property Used
OnIdiom Return Type Mismatch
OnPlatform Return Type Mismatch
Referenced Attribute Member Exists In Parent Type
Property Node Maps To Member In Parent Type
Property Setter Node Misuse
Property Setter Type Mismatch
Duplicate Resource Dictionary Keys
Resource Entry Does Not Define Key
Missing Microsoft Schema
ScrollView Has Multiple Direct Children
Style Is Missing TargetType
Property Setter Does Not Exist In Style TargetType
Invalid Thickness Attribute Value
Unknown Field Modifier
Unknown Static Property Value
Validate Value Types
Duplicate Namespace Declaration
Unresolved Xml Namespace
Unresolved Xmlns Assembly
Xaml Node Resolves
Trigger Is Missing Target Type
Trigger TargetType Does Not Match Parent
Thickness Value Can Be Replaced By Static Resource
Thickness Value Can Be Simplified
Element Can Use Available Style
Property Value Is Already Applied By Style
Style TargetType Does Not Match BasedOn TargetType
Ambiguous Static Resource Reference
No Key Provided To Static Resource Expression
StaticResource Return Type Mismatch
Static Resource Style Target Type Is Incompatible
x:Static Return Type Mismatch
Undefined Static Resource Usage
Slider Minimum Set Before Maximum
Duplicate ShellItem Route
Empty Shell Route Scheme
Multiple VisualElements Defined In Shell Content
Shell Requires At Least One Shell Item
Validate Setter Attached Property Usage
Setter Property Exists
Style Or Trigger Has Duplicate Setters
Resource Key Conflict
Detect Missing Image In Linked Projects
Grid Row/Column Setter Is Not A Number
No Key Provided To DynamicResource Expression
Validate Binding Expressions Return A Property
Binding Against Non-Public Property
Binding Expressions Resolve
Binding Expression Return Type Mismatch
Color Value Matches Static Resource
Color Value Closely Matches Available Static Resource
Hexadecimal Value Matches Named Color
Malformed Hexadecimal Color Value
Cell Usage Within CollectionView ItemTemplate
Glyph Does Not Exist In Font
Thickness Value Can Be Consolidated
Color Value Can Be Consolidated
Unescaped Newline In String Literal
Unknown Embedded Font Reference
Unknown OnPlatform Value
RefreshView Content Should Be Scrollable Layout
CollectionView Requires IsGrouped
Font Reference Is Not Embedded Resource
VisualState Setter TargetName Does Not Exist
Grid Axis Definition Can Be Simplified


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
x:Name Shorthand Completion
x:Key Shorthand Completion
Color Value Completion
DataBinding Shorthand Completion
DataTrigger Binding Shorthand Completion
Event Handler Completion
Font Asset Completion
Grid Boilerplate Completion
Grid Location Completion
Grid Unit Completion
Image Asset Completion
Import Font Asset Completion
Property Setter Completion
RepeaterView Boilerplate Completion
Row/Column Shorthand Completion
Setter Shorthand Completion
StackLayout Orientation Shorthand Completion
Star/Auto Shorthand Completion
Thickness Attribute Completion
ViewModel Data Binding Completion
Embedded Font Asset Completion


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Grid Index Adornments
Color Adornments
Escaped Characters Adornments
Thickness Adornments


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Grid Index Tooltips
Color Format Tooltips
Named FontSize Platform Values Tooltips
Thickness Formats Tooltips
Static Resource Tooltips
Value Converter Input/Output Type Tootips
SVG Tooltips
Localisation Tooltips
Thickness Preview Tooltips



Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Scaffolder Overview
FodyWeavers Scaffolder


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Copy Resource Id To Clipboard
Delete Output Folder
Clean and Compress
Edit Shared Project Items
MFractor Commands Search
ResX Localisation Search



Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Copy Android Package ID To Clipboard
Open Android Manifest


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Go To Razor File
Go To Razor Code Behind
Go To View Model


Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Razor Page Scaffolder
Razor Component Scaffolder
ASP.NET Controller Scaffolder



Feature Lite Pro Platforms
Copy Bundle ID