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Release notes for our 0.2 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows


Released on December 10th 2019

MFractor for Visual Studio Windows v0.2.0 is a major upgrade from v0.1, adding our image management tooling and preferences integration.

Officially, this product release is known as MFractor for Visual Studio Windows - Preview 2.

Preview 2 adds:

  • Our image asset management tools.
    • Image manager (accessible through Extensions -> MFractor -> Manage Image Assets).
    • Image optimiser.
    • Image deletion tool (Preview)
  • Configurable delete output folders.
  • Full preferences integration.


  • When generating a new value converter, MFractor can automatically add it to the app xaml or current xaml file. #154
  • Fixed: Remove Newtonsoft.Json and Microsoft.VisualStudio.Composition assemblies from final package.
  • Fixed: Delete output folders fails in v3.9.1. #166

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Generated Converter Type Inference issues. #156
  • Fixed: Generating a Converter from the Generate actions in Xaml, sets the Converter on the binding twice. #155
  • Fixed: Value Converter Wizard Parameter Type is ignored. #153