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Release notes for our 4.1 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows


Released on May 18th 2020

Service release to activate license expiry notification and fix integration issues in the code actions Alt+Return menu.


  • Show license expiry notifications at 14, 7 and 1 days for both Professional and Trial licenses.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Fix integration issues for MFractors XAML code actions are not accessible through the "Option+Return" menu. #145
  • Fixed: Replace duplicate namespace references does nothing. #211


Released on May 17th 2020

Service release to fix several small issues in the code actions Alt+Return menu.


  • Code fix that migrates Icon to IconImageSource.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The remove all redundant properties style fix did not work.
  • Fixed: Go To ViewModel is not honouring x:DataType. #209


Released on May 16th 2020

Service release to fix multiple user reported bugs, adds the ability to disable analysers at a document level, color adornment editing support and moves the scaffolder out of preview.


  • The Scaffolder is a file creation wizard that infers your intended file type based on the provided name and file extension plus the context that you are creating that new file in.
  • Disable XAML analysers at the document level using the following syntax: <!-- [MFractor: Suppress(MF1000)] --> or <!-- [MFractor: Suppress(com.mfractor.analysis.xaml.binding_expression_resolves)] -->. #202
  • The Move Attribute To Parent can move a matching attribute from an element into it's parent (EG: Margin="10" set on a label inside a stack layout will be removed from the label and then added to the StackLayout).
  • You can now edit a color adornment and launch the color editor. #199

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Binding Context Initialise in XAML sets x:Key instead of x:Name. #207
  • Fixed: Get binding IntelliSense using x:DataType provided at the root level. #201
  • Fixed: 404 for code action Learn how MFractor detects your ViewModels and Binding. #205
  • Fixed: Grid indexes clipped on 15" macbook. #197
  • Fixed: Using Value Converter Wizard to add converter to page created duplicate xmlns. #204


Released on May 12th 2020

MFractor 4.1 for Visual Studio Windows is a major release that adds automatic 30-day trials, adornments, font tooling, additional XAML analysers and much more.

For a full summary of all features included in 4.1, please see the v4.0 release notes.