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Release notes for our 4.2 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows


Released on August 2nd 2020

Preview release for MFractor 4.3. Release notes pending.


Released on July 20th 2020

Service release to fix exported font bugs.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: [Suggestion] Font embed failure. #275
  • Fixed: [Bug] Move color to local resource always wraps in a new ResourceDictionary #273


Released on July 14th 2020

Service release to fix customer reported bugs and improve the XAML editor performance when MFractor is enabled.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The XAML analyser would sometimes analyse a file twice per file-edit.
  • Fixed: We've improved the XAML analyser's efficiency by reducing the amount of analysis passes required per node and attribute.
  • Fixed: Support Style in a different assembly. #246
  • Fixed: Code Action: Encapsulate element with layout container. #188
  • Fixed: Allow files to be included/excluded on the image deletion tool. #177


Released on July 12th 2020

Service release to fix customer reported bugs.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Add Image Tooling support for iOS projects. #190
  • Fixed: Exclude from link can't add entry to linker.xml. #265
  • Fixed: MVVM Wizard is disabled unless a file is opened. #251
  • Fixed: Import Image Asset doesn't work in very large solutions. #257


Released on July 7th 2020

Service release to improve performance of XAML analysis engine and reduce memory consumption.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Reduced the amount of threads MFractor uses when analysing XAML files to improve IDE responsiveness.
  • Fixed: Add 'Open Android Manifest' to Windows version. #267


Released on July 1st 2020

Service release to resolve several customer reported bugs and add tooltips for colors/images.


  • Image tooltips for C# string image references.
  • Color tooltips for C# string color values (hex and named color formats).

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: When a XAML Control is Extracted on Windows the Code-behind is not nested. #229
  • Fixed: Color Tooltips are too large on Windows. #231
  • Fixed: Windows: License dialog displays the serial key entry incorrectly. #263
  • Fixed: Scaffold Page/Content page. #266


Released on June 25th 2020

Service release to resolve several customer reported bugs.


  • When a CollectionView uses the GroupHeaderTemplate and/or GroupFooterTemplate, however, it does not set IsGrouped to true, we have added a new code analyser to warn that the grouping will not display.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Pickers ItemDisplayBinding property uses the incorrect binding context for analysis and Intellisense. #262
  • Fixed: Regression in row and column tooltips, analysis and Intellisense when a row or column does not define its size.
  • Fixed: Welcome screen clipping issues. #210


Released on June 22nd 2020

Service release to fix users being unable to activate MFractor Lite.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Unable to activate MFractor Lite.
  • Fixed: Regression in row and column span analysis.


Released on June 19th 2020

Service release to resolve several customer reported issues, add grid shorthand parsing support, add features for copying bundle ids to the clipboard and a command to add an export font declaration for new fonts.


  • Copy iOS projects bundle identifier from the Solution Explorer. Documentation. #250
  • Support for Xamarin.Forms 4.7 grid shorthand declarations. [#232])(
  • Create a tools menu command that can add an ExportFont declaration for a font file. #249

Issues Fixed:

  • Navigate to ViewModel doesn't work if it's in a different project. #254, #255
  • Deactivate License Text Bug not appearing on a new line. #252
  • Delete Image won't work on last version of MFractor. #253, #228


Released on June 9th 2020

Version alignment release with MFractor for Visual Studio Mac.


Released on June 8th 2020

Service release to add initial support for Blazor/Razor.


  • Web scaffolders. #222
    • Blazor Page scaffolder.
    • Blazor component scaffolder.
    • ASP.NET API Controller. #242
  • Blazor: Code Behind HotKey Navigation. #214

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Integrate a Help Url into the Scaffolder. #236
  • Fixed: Integrate the Scaffolder into Visual Studio for Windows. #235
  • Fixed: Deactivate License Bug. #240
  • Fixed: URL incorrect for scaffolding .razor.cs. #244
  • Fixed: Scaffolder .razor.cs strange class names #243
  • Fixed: When using .razor.cs extension with scaffolder, it creates a .razor file but no code behind for pages. #241
  • Fixed: Scaffolder list incorrect if i use .razor.cs extension. #239
  • Fixed: Color Tooltips are behaving inconsistently for Setters. #230


Released on May 29th 2020

Service release to improve the UX of the Scaffolder.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Enter key submit in Scaffolder. #223
  • Fixed: Scaffolder hot key. #225


Released on May 27th 2020

MFractor 4.2 for Visual Studio Windows is a major release that adds support for Visual Studio 16.6, serial key license activation and fixes several bugs in the core product.


  • MFractor now supports license activation via serial key. When you purchase an MFractor Professional license, you will now receive a serial key instead of a license file.
  • MFractor now offers license recovery from within the product. Head to the top MFractor menu, choose Recover MFractor Professional License and then enter your email. If a license is available for that email, you will receive a license recovery email.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Visual Studio Windows 16.6 support. #217
  • Fixed: MFractor doesn't check for Android Vector Drawable files when validating images. #219.
  • Fixed: Create class from clipboard enhancements [#208])(
  • Fixed: VS Mac freezing/not responding (Core engine issues). [#221])(