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MFractor provides many, many tools and utilities that make building apps with Xamarin.Forms significantly easier.

This section of the documentation outlines the features on offer for a Xamarin.Forms developer and how they improve your productivity.

At a glance, these are the core features in MFractors Xamarin.Forms tool-suite.

Xamarin.Forms Features

XAML Editor

  • XAML IntelliSense.
  • 80+ XAML inspections.
  • XAML Tooltips.
  • Over 90 code actions for navigation, refactoring and code organisation.


Before diving into the MVVM feature suite, please read our Binding Context Resolution articles to understand how MFractor automatically resolves ViewModels for Views.

  • Static resource global search.
  • Dynamic resource global search.
  • AutomationID global search.


  • Generating localisation infrastructure.
  • Localising XAML files.

Custom Renderers

  • Finding custom renderers.
  • Creating custom renderers.

Custom Controls


  • Extracting XAML styles.
  • Style analysis.

Value Converters

  • Value converter wizard.
  • Value converter analysis.