Welcome to the documentation for MFractor, a powerful productivity tool for Xamarin developers.

MFractor is available for the Visual Studio Windows and Visual Studio Mac.

Feature Matrix

Check out the MFractor Feature Matrix for a list of all the featuers available to the product and to what editions and platforms it's available.

Getting Started

To get started using MFractor, please read our getting started guides:


MFractor's licensing levels and end user license can be found in our Licensing article.

MFractor Professional

MFractor Professional is our paid version of MFractor that can be purchased at www.mfractor.com/buy.

MFractor Lite

MFractor Lite is our free-for-use version of MFractor that includes our full XAML feature suite for 4 XAML files per day.

Help And Support

To get help using MFractor, please see our Support article.

Release Notes

MFractors release notes can be found at: