Managing Images Assets

A centralised location to easily manage the image assets in your mobile solution


The image asset manager summarises all image assets across your solution from your iOS and Android projects.

As a developer, you gain a birds-eye view of all image assets in your solution and that then allows you to delete, import, search and optimise all images from a centralised location.

Opening The Image Manager

The image manager is presented as a pad on the IDE by default on the right side of the Window, below the Toolbox, Properties and Document Outline pads. You can access it from several places if hidden:

Top Menu

By acessing the top menu selecting the Manage Image Assets options.

Opening the Image Asset Manager from the top menu

Solution Pad

You can right click on a Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS project file and you'll find Manage Image Assets under the Tools menu.

Alternatively, double click on and Android or iOS image asset. This will open the image manager, selecting that image in the list.


Filtering Image assets

Importing Image Assets

Deleting Image Assets

Optimising Image Assets

Searching For Image Usages

Visual Studio Mac Only

Drag And Drop

The image manager supports drag and drop from the image asset list onto a code file.

When you drag and drop an image onto a code file, the image manager will generate code to access that image.

For example, given the image logo.png, MFractor will insert the following code:

  • Android AXML: @drawable/logo.
  • Android C#: Resource.Drawable.logo.
  • XAML: logo.
  • C# (Xamarin.Forms): "logo.png";

Context Actions

In both the image asset list and the image density list, you may right click on any item to launch a context


Please see Deleting Image Assets

Reveal In Finder/Explorer

The Reveal In Finder action will open Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) and select that image.

Reveal In Project Pad

The Reveal Project Pad action will locate the image file in the solution pad.

Copy Name To Clipboard

The Copy NameTo Clipboard action copies the full file path of that image file to the clipboard.

Copy File Path To Clipboard

The Copy File Path To Clipboard action copies the file path of that image file to the clipboard.


Please see Optimising Image Assets

Open Image

The Open action opens the selected image file in the operating systems default image viewer.

Search For Usages

Please see Searching For Image Usages