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Release notes for our 0.4 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows


Released on February 4th 2020

MFractor for Visual Studio Windows v0.4 is a major upgrade from v0.3, shifting significantly closer to a stable release.

This release integrates our workspace events and data engines to activate all features related to static resources (analysis, code actions, tooltips and IntelliSense) and image assets (analysis, code actions, tooltips and IntelliSense).

Officially, this product release is known as MFractor for Visual Studio Windows - Preview 4.

Preview 4:

  • The workspace events engine is now integrated, having flow on effects to enable several other core systems and features.
  • The meta-data engine is now integrated and switches on many remaining features that required the solution meta-data database.
  • Tooltips for static resources, image assets and dynamic resources.
  • New IntelliSense suggestions.
    • Static resources.
    • Dynamic resources.
    • Image assets.
  • Analysis integration for static resources and missing images.
  • The performance of the image manager is now significantly improved due to the meta-data engine being integrated.
  • The image manager is now able to watch for images being added/removed and update itself to show these changes.
  • Reduced VSIX size by removing unused assets.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The delete image asset tool no longer locks up the IDE.