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Release notes for our 3.10 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac


Released on 11th of February 2020

This release adds our new onboarding dialog, adds a new legal main menu item and reduces the final package size of MFractor.


  • A new onboarding dialog welcomes you when you first install MFractor.
  • A new Legal top level menu.
  • Smaller distributable package size thanks to the removal of some no longer needed assemblies.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Add Image Tooltip support for C# code and ImageSource Properties. #189


Released on 3rd of February 2020

This release fixes many small XAML IntelliSense issues related to attribute value and attribute shorthand completions plus adds a grouping for MFractors commands.


  • In the Key Bindings preferences, all MFractor commands are now grouped under an "MFractor" section.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: MFractor's IntelliSense would not trigger when starting an attribute value with ".
  • Fixed: MFractor's IntelliSense would not trigger sometimes when starting a new attribute with a letter. You would need to manually start the session with Control+Space.
  • Fixed: Image assets are no longer suggested inside XAML expressions.
  • Fixed: XAML styles would incorrectly report style mismatches.


Released on 28th of January 2020

This release is a "bump" release to trigger Visual Studio Macs update mechanisms.


  • When an MFractor feature is Professional only, show a much more obvious status message using the toolbar.


Released on 23rd of January 2020

Maintenance release to fix a bug in color analysis.


  • We've trimmed down the size of the extensions by removing some unnecessary assets.
  • Third party attribution is now on

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Small bug in color Intellisense warnings. #184.


Released on 22nd of January 2020

The v3.10.0 release focuses improving our on-boarding workflow, improving the UX and discoverability of code actions, adds tooltips for images and colors and includes better refactoring support for static resources.


  • Our new code issue tooltip window presents available fixes for a code issue in the tooltip. You can them click on the suggestion to apply the fix.
  • Color Tooltips in XAML.
    • Hover over a color value to preview the color.
    • When MFractor suggests color values via IntelliSense, it also provides a preview as a tooltip.
    • Click on the color value to copy the hex value to the clipboard.
  • Image tooltips in XAML and C#.
    • Hover over an image name to preview the image.
    • Click on the image preview to open it in the image manager.
    • When MFractor suggests image assets values via IntelliSense, it will present a preview of that image.
  • Static Resource refactorings:
  • Use the Move to App.xaml refactoring to shift a resource from a page or control into the App.xaml file.
  • Use the Refactor into static resource code action to shift an attributes value into a resource entry in the current file or in the App.xaml.
  • The new Generate Font Character Code Class creates a C# class with all font character names and icons available as string constants.


  • We've cleaned up our Activation Dialog UI structure and direct you to the documentation site after you activate.
  • We've addd a new Request Trial main menu option so you can quickly request a trial license.
  • We've addd a new Recover Professional License menu option so that you can recover you MFractor license.
  • We've addd a new View Release Notes menu option under the About menu so that you can view the release notes for the current release.
  • New Import font asset completion in XAML to launch the font importer and inject the FontFamily XAML needed to reference that code.
  • We've added help links to the following features:
    • Generate custom renderers.
    • Image Importer.
    • Image manager.
    • Image deletion tool.
    • Image optimisation tool.
    • Bindable property wizard.
    • Attached property wizard.
    • Generate Interface Implementation.
    • Font Importer.
  • We've added a help links section to our XAML analysis preferences panel. As we document each analyser, a link to view the docs for that analyser become available.
  • The Find Custom Renderers code action is now accessible through the Alt+Return menu in C#.
  • When you update MFractor, we now show a small thank you message and provide you with a link to the release notes for that version.
  • When you first install MFractor, we trigger Visual Studio Mac to restart to complete the installation.

Issues Fixed:

  • We've multiple issues where MFractor Lite wouldn't properly record and inform you that you were on a restriction of 4 documents per day.
  • Fixed: The Start Accessibility Inspector command would not appear or launch.
  • Fixed: The Edit Shared Project Items command wasn't opening the .projitems.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Row and Column location completions wouldn't appear while editing a child of a grid.
  • Fixed: Numeric data-bindings no longer give type mismatch warnings.