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Information about MFractor's licensing and terms of use

Do I need to buy a separate license for Mac for Windows?

An MFractor license works in both MFractor for Windows and Mac.

MFractor Professional

MFractor Professional is our paid version of MFractor that can be purchased at

Our terms:

  • A Professional license is valid for one developer only. Please purchase a license for each developer in your team.
  • Licenses valid for 366 days from the date of purchase.
  • A single license can be used on up to 3 developer machines. As cross-platform developers it is very likely we have a Windows machine, a Mac and a personal machine.

MFractor Lite

MFractor Lite is our free-for-use version of MFractor that includes our full XAML feature suite for 4 XAML files per day.

MFractor Lite:

  • Does not allow usage of our C# features.
  • Does not allow usage of our asset management features.
  • Does not allow usage of our code generation wizards.
  • Is not available in MFractor for Visual Studio Windows.

End User License

Please find our End User License here.

Privacy policy

Please find our Private Policy here.