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Use MFractors image management suite to import, delete, optimise and manage the image assets in your iOS and Android apps

Image Management Tool Suite

Working with image assets is one of the most time-consuming parts of Xamarin development and improving all image related workflows is one of MFractor's core focuses.

At a glance, MFractor's image management tool suite is composed of the following features:

Image Asset Manager

The image asset manager summarises all image assets across your solution from your iOS and Android projects.

As a developer, you gain a birds-eye view of all image assets in your solution and that then allows you to delete, import, search and optimise all images from a centralised location.

Read more about the image asset manager at Managing Image Assets.

Image Importer

The image importer takes a source image and generates all densities for iOS and Android apps.

Read more about the image importer at Importing Image Assets.

Image Deletion Tool

The image deletion tool removes all densities of an image asset in all mobile projects. As a developer, you can delete all occurrences of an asset in one action instead of needing to track down and delete each density independently.

Read more about the image deletion tool at Deleting Image Assets.

Image Optimiser

The image optimiser squashes the size of all image assets in your application, reducing the size of those assets by a factor of up to 75% with no visual loss.

To do this, it uses TinyPNG to perform intelligent image compression.

Read more about the image optimiser at Optimising Image Assets.

Image Tooltips

The image tooltips let you preview any image asset.

Read more about image tooltips at Image Tooltips.

Third Party Image Tooling Support

MFractor includes built-in image management support for the following third-party tools: