Release notes for our 4.0 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac


Released on 29th of March 2020

Service release to add the Create class from clipboard tool and Resizetizer image asset support.


Released on 24th of March 2020

Service release to support Visual Studio Mac 8.5 and adds


  • Insert row/column code actions.
  • Delete row/column code actions.


  • All of MFractors code actions are now grouped under a single MFractor Code Actions menu. This makes it easier to discover our code actions.
  • New code fix to remove all redundant grid row and columns.


Released on 19th of March 2020

Service release to fix bugs in color and grid adornments.


  • When editing inside an OnPlatform element, MFractor now suggests the available platforms as completions.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Grid adornments with double digits are no longer clipped.
  • Fixed: Show color elaborations on black and white. #195
  • Fixed: Grid adornments should honor IDE theme (dark vs light).
  • Fixed: MFractor doesn't correctly recognize type of binding source. #194.
  • Fixed: MVVM Wizard - Color Coding the XAML File Previewer. #119.


Released on 17th of March 2020

Adds adornments for grid indices and color values.


  • MFractor now adds an annotation before a Row/Column definition to show it's index.
  • MFractor now adds a color annotation alongside color values to show the color inline.


Released on 10th of March 2020

Adds several new XAML analysers, improves performance/memory usage and introduces a new C# refactoring.


  • We've retired the legacy way we resolved symbols in XAML files to significantly in improve performance and memory consumption in XAML analysis, tooltips, code actions and IntelliSense.
  • Code Analysis:
  • When a ViewCell is used inside a CollectionView, MFractor will warn you that it is obsolete.
  • MFractor now inspects the Glyph codes used with a FontFamily and verify the glyph exists in the font.
  • Code Issue Fixes:
  • When a style resource does not exists, use the create style fix to start the style wizard and create a new one.
  • Refactorings:
  • Swap event handler binding between += and -=.


Released on 2nd of March 2020

Adds x:DataType support to binding context resolution and font glyph tooltips and IntelliSense.


  • When hovering over a font glyph code and MFractor can resolve the font family, a tooltip preview of that glyph will now be shown.
  • When editing string values and the font applied has glyphs, MFractor now suggests the font glyphs in IntelliSense.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: MFractor now supports binding context resolution using x:DataType.


Released on 24th of February 2020

Fixes bugs in extract style and convert stack layout to grid refactorings.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Horizontal stack layouts would generate broken code when converting to a grid.
  • Fixed: Do not include Text properties when extracting a style.


Released on 20th of February 2020

MFractor 4.0.0 is a marketing release to announce the launch of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows.


  • Our New onboarding dialog to welcome you after installing.