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Thickness Analysis

Code inspections to spot various common issues in thickness usage


When developing user interfaces with Xamarin.Forms margin and padding are constantly applied to elements to provide the desired spacing. Turns out that this spacing definitions are very standard among views on a carefully crafted design. So we keep declaring those constants tens of times which is tedious and error prone.

It's useful to have those spacings declared in a single place and referenced by a descriptive name, like we usually do with colors, but it comes harder being an even more abstract kind of asset.

Thickness Analysis to the rescue!

Avaliable Tools

MFractor provides a few handful code analysis to aid in managing thicknesses declarations:

  • Thickness Consolidation: watches for duplicate declaration of thicknesses values and suggest consolidation.
  • Validate and Simplify: validates thickness declaration suggesting simplifications where appliable and informing of mismatches.