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Release notes for our 4.4 versions of MFractor Visual Studio Mac


Release on November 16th 2020

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Localizing a string in a .cs file generates incorrectly. #305
  • Fixed: Imagesets created by the image importer cause compiler issues.


Release on November 16th 2020

MFractor 4.4 is a major release that adds the new App Icon Importer Feature, allowing you to easily import application icons into your projects.


  • App Icon Importer: The App Icon Importer is a major feature added to MFractor to allow you to easily import launch screen icons to your Android and iOS projects. It adds a dialog that allows you to select a single image file and import it in every size and its related metadata required on each project type. Check out the feature documentation for details.
  • Visual Studio for Mac 8.8 Support: this release adds offical support to Visual Studio for Mac version 8.8.