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Release notes for our 4.4 versions of MFractor Visual Studio Mac


Released on March 29th 2021

This service release adds support for Visual Studio Mac 8.9.


Released on February 10th 2021

This a service release that brings a few new features and bugfixes:

  • Adds the Convert to C# 9.0 command to aid on converting existing Xamarin and .NET Standard projects to use C# 9.0. Check the docs for information about this new feature.
  • Adds a new XML formatting option to add spacing between the backslack of a closing tag in XML.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: the expand attributes onto new lines code action was adding a closing tag on elements that had children.
  • Fixed: intermittent issue with MFractor recognising Static Resources. #316


Released on December 21st 2020

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Binding validation not run with dotted notation bindings. #164
  • Fixed: When using IsGrouped or IsGroupingEnabled on a ListView/CollectionView, MFractor would incorrectly analyse the bindings in the item template.


Released on December 11th 2020

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Import .png files. Import button does nothing. #313
  • Fixed: Allow the bindable property wizard to be triggered within objects that inherit from Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject.


Released on December 9th 2020

Adds a thickness tooltip that helps you visualise how a margin or padding affects a control.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Static resource not recognised on a brand new scaffolded Xamarin Forms app. #309
  • Fixed: When an element uses a style with inheritance, MFractor does not identify properties as redundant when provided by the parent style. #310


Release on December 7th 2020

MFractor 4.4.3 let's you use the insert and delete grid row/column refactorings by hovering over a row or column definition.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Grid insert/delete refactorings stopped working.


Release on December 1st 2020

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Imagesets created by the image importer cause compiler issues.


Release on November 16th 2020

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed: Localizing a string in a .cs file generates incorrectly. #305
  • Fixed: Imagesets created by the image importer cause compiler issues.


Release on November 16th 2020

MFractor 4.4 is a major release that adds the new App Icon Importer Feature, allowing you to easily import application icons into your projects.


  • App Icon Importer: The App Icon Importer is a major feature added to MFractor to allow you to easily import launch screen icons to your Android and iOS projects. It adds a dialog that allows you to select a single image file and import it in every size and its related metadata required on each project type. Check out the feature documentation for details.
  • Visual Studio for Mac 8.8 Support: this release adds offical support to Visual Studio for Mac version 8.8.