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Release notes for our 4.0 versions of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows


Released on May 11th 2020

Service release to fix a crash caused by color adornments.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: When duplicate color resources are available to a document, do not crash the editor.


Released on May 10th 2020

Service release to include automatic 30-day trials.


Released on May 7th 2020

Service release to fix issues with image management on Windows.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The image importer would fail to open when a UWP project is within the solution.
  • Fixed: Scaled UWP images are now grouped in the image importer.


Released on May 4th 2020

Service release to add adornments for XAML in Visual Studio Windows.


  • Grid index adornments.
  • Color adornments.
  • Escaped XAML character adornments.


Released on April 20th 2020

Service release to add new XAML analysers and improved performance for the XAML analyser.


  • Analyser to verify the content of a refresh view is scrollable.
  • Analyser to verify the content that the platform specified by an On element is a known platform.
  • Analyser to verify that a referenced embedded font is defined.
  • Analyser to detect when a C# style newline (\n) is used within XAML and warn that it is not escaped.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The XAML analyser would always re-analyse the document if it's window lost focus and then regained it.
  • Fixed: The XAML analyser would not re-analyse the document after a solution sync had finished.


Released on April 18th 2020

Service release to hotfix an XML syntax transformation failure and adds MobileBuildTools image support.


Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: XML syntax refactorings would not work on Windows.
  • Fixed: The XAML analyser no longer flags the design schema as unknown when inspecting properties.


Released on April 14th 2020

Hotfix release to fix image manager list items not appearing.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The images listed by the image manager would not appear correctly.


Released on April 10th 2020

Service release to add color consolidation analysis and refactorings and support for UWP in the image manager.


  • Color consolidation analyser finds colors usages throughout your app and notifies you when you could merge them into a single static resource.
  • Color consolidation refactorings to batch replace all duplicate color values with a static resource.
  • UWP support for the font importer.
  • UWP support for the image manager.
  • UWP support for the delete image asset tool.
  • When using a custom font and a static resource to resolve the glyph code, MFractor can now render a preview of that glyph.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: The choose file dialog doesn't disappear when importing a license.
  • Fixed: Using x:Reference to refer to the root XAML element as a binding context would generate binding validation errors.


Released on 8th of April 2020

Hotfix to address thickness simplification analysis bug showing too many warnings.


Released on 7th of April 2020

Service release to add thickness consolidation and significant performance improvements to the XAML analysis engine.


  • Thickness consolidation analyser finds thickness usages throughout your app and notifies you when you could merge them into a single static resource.
  • Thickness consolidation refactorings to batch replace all duplicate thickness values with a static resource.


  • Significant reduction in memory consumption when MFractor analysis XAML and a 400% improvement in performance times.


Released on 24th of March 2020

Service release to add insert/delete row and column actions.


  • Insert row/column code actions.
  • Delete row/column code actions.


  • New code fix to remove all redundant grid row and columns.


Released on 19th of March 2020

Service release to fix bugs in MVVM wizard and x:Reference code behind data bindings.


  • When editing inside an OnPlatform element, MFractor now suggests the available platforms as completions.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: MFractor doesn't correctly recognize type of binding source. #194.
  • Fixed: MVVM Wizard - Color Coding the XAML File Previewer. #119.


Released on 17th of March 2020

Fixes an issue where trial license requests were not going through.


Released on 10th of March 2020

Fixes the contrast in XAML code issue tooltips, adds several new XAML analysers, improves performance/memory usage and introduces a new C# refactoring.


  • We've retired the legacy way we resolved symbols in XAML files to significantly in improve performance and memory consumption in XAML analysis, tooltips, code actions and IntelliSense.
  • Code Analysis:
  • When a ViewCell is used inside a CollectionView, MFractor will warn you that it is obsolete.
  • MFractor now inspects the Glyph codes used with a FontFamily and verify the glyph exists in the font.
  • Code Issue Fixes:
  • When a style resource does not exists, use the create style fix to start the style wizard and create a new one.
  • Refactorings:
  • Swap event handler binding between += and -=.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Hint window in dark mode for VS Win has low contrast. #193
  • Fixed: Image managers image no longer appeared.


Released on 2nd of March 2020

Adds x:DataType support to binding context resolution.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: MFractor now supports binding context resolution using x:DataType.


Released on 24th of February 2020

Fixes bugs in extract style and convert stack layout to grid refactorings.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed: Horizontal stack layouts would generate broken code when converting to a grid.
  • Fixed: Do not include Text properties when extracting a style.
  • Fixed: Fixed issues where sometimes project files would not synchronise and features like manage images or MVVM navigation would stop working


Released on February 20th 2020

The v4.0 release of MFractor for Visual Studio is the stable release of MFractor, reaching approximate feature parity with MFractor for Visual Studio Mac.

At a glance, MFractor for Visual Studio Windows offers:

  • A powerful XAML feature suite makes it faster and easier to writing beautiful XAML.
  • Write better XAML, faster with supercharged IntelliSense. MFractor suggests ViewModel properties, image assets, short cut completions for grids, setters and trigger plus much more.
  • Over 80 XAML analysers find a huge range of bugs, improvements, code smells and maintainability issues. Even better, you can often fix an issue with a single click.
  • Over 100 XAML code actions make it dead easy to refactor and cleanup your XAML.
  • Custom tooltips give you deeper insight into your codebase. Preview image assets, colour and static resources!
  • MFractors image management tool suite lets you import new Android and iOS assets in seconds, delete images across all projects and visually browse all assets in your solution.
  • Wizards for importing fonts, generating view models, creating value converters, bindable properties, interface implementations and much more.